The Autumn term has started and the new venue is working out wonderfully.

There were a few early glitches–we took a tour of the campus looking for the room on the first week and, once found, it was a bit of a faff re-arranging the furniture to our liking–but by the second week, it was all running smoothly.

The room has good acoustics, for a classroom, and is plenty big enough for us, and any newcomers.

We added two new members to our choir at the start of this term, but we also lost two (by which I mean they told me they can no longer attend due to other commitments, not that we misplaced them), so our choir membership is still holding steady at a baker’s dozen. If you fancy joining a choir, you would be very welcome.

The choir is getting stronger, however, and more confident by the day. And we are already planning our inaugural outing.