Happy Birthday to US

The choir celebrated its one year anniversary on the 17th of April.

In looking back, I have to admit it was touch and go for a while. All of us needed to find our feet. The people who came with us from the Show Choir were, themselves, relatively new to choir and choir singing, and I had never been a choir director before. I had no training, no help, and no idea what I was doing.

Our initial session brought in twenty people, many from the old choir, and others looking to join a new choir. None of the new people came back.

In the weeks that followed, more and more people slipped away and at some sessions we had as few as seven people. For the first few months, I went to every session convinced it would be our last. But as the weeks went by, one by one, we built up our membership. People came, some stayed, and I became more confident and the choir came together.

We now have sixteen dedicated members, which is a respectable size for a choir. We are sounding better every week and look forward to the coming year.