The choir has been going for nearly a year now, and is really pulling together as a group, both socially and harmonically (even though no one in the choir plays the harmonica).

Last weekend (7 April) about half the choir took part in a Come and Sing Messiah event held at St. Margaret’s Church in Warnham. It was a brilliant experience that, I am sure, pushed all of us to our limits.

The practice session was for three hours in the morning, and while it was good fun, just holding the music book for that long was tiring. (It’s a really big book.)

The actual performance in the evening ran for an hour and a half, and at the end I was knackered.

For a pick-up choir, it sounded amazing, or, as the Reverend put it, “It was lovely…in places.” In addition to an “occasionally” lovely impromptu choir, the evening performance included four talented soloist. They were not only wonderful to listen to, they also provided the opportunity for a welcome sit down.


Several of our choir members getting ready to sing Messiah. Hint: they are in the last pew.

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